Sorry i've not been around...

... been busy at work. Got a couple of days off so caught up with housework today and tomorrow I am having my hair done. The garden could really do with being weeded, they're everywhere! I really hate crazy paving because the weeds grow through every crack and no matter how much we get rid of them they always return. I wish we had the money to get rid of the crazy paving and put block paving in and just have a little bit for growing vegetables.
We have some things growing in pots at the moment. I have some runner beans, peas, some herbs including coriander, mint and chives and a few flowers. I am not much of a gardener but I do like to grow a little when I get the time.

I deleted everyone by mistake

I deleted everyone by mistake lol.
I had 3 friends on my list who have deleted their accounts so i thought i was deleting them, but i actually deleted everyone exept for them lol.
Hopefully i have corrected that, but if anyone is missing please add yourself back to my list as i don't want to lose you.

OMG, i can't see my friends pages! Is that because i have to start over again with my friends now i have re-added them? Oh God, i hope i haven't messed up my LJ!
Fixed it...phew!

Sorry, silly me.
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